Zhuhai People's Hospital


Zhuhai People's Hospital is located in the city center of Zhuhai, with beautiful scenery in the north, beautiful scenic Xianglu Bay in the south, mountains and seas, beautiful environment, transportation in all directions, 15 minutes'drive covering the whole city of Zhuhai, and is located in the "15" minutes health circle center. The hospital was founded in the 1950s, and has been built as a medical, teaching, scientific research, prevention and health care as one. The only comprehensive tertiary-A hospital in Zhuhai that has been appraised by the Ministry of Health

Systematic overview:

Integrated wiring system, computer network system, voice exchange system, security monitoring system, cable television system, intrusion alarm system, access control system, electronic patrol, ward intercom system, ward emergency call system, medical HIS system, operation teaching system, public broadcasting system, BAS building system, energy metering management system, parking lot management system, information dissemination system Unity, conference system, computer room engineering, etc.

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