Guangdong Zhaobang Smartech Co., Ltd.  was founded in Zhuhai, Guangdong in 2007. As a solution provider for the intelligent city industry, the company aims at "creating wisdom life", closely following the development strategy and social needs of the country, and promoting the application and industrialization of independent scientific research results. After many years of precipitation and development, it has been one of best companies in intelligent city field. The company is a national high-tech enterprise, has been approved to establish the national post doctoral research workstation, the Guangdong enterprise technology center, the Guangdong province intelligent identification control system engineering technology research center, was awarded "Guangdong Provincial Strategic Emerging Industries Backbone Enterprises" by the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Trade Commission.

ZHAOBANG rooted in Zhuhai, and has established research institutions in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi'an and Macao. The company has more than 200 professional experts and has obtained 105 patents for inventions and software copyrights, and has participated in 4 national standards for the industry. It has formed four business segments including intelligent construction, public safety, smart industry, and defense equipment, which has effectively promoted new smart city and smart society construction.


Intelligent Building
Zhao Bang is committed to providing autonomous products and customized solutions for smart buildings, giving life and wisdom to buildings, using physical buildings as a platform, and comprehensively using computer technology, sensing technology, communication technology, image processing and analysis technology, and Data, cloud computing, etc., through the application of sensing, transmission, analysis, processing, mining, etc., to achieve intelligent building systems with the ability to collect, determine, analyze, and make decisions. Set ITSI, ITAS, PSS, IIS, EEEP, IBMS equal to one It emphasizes people-centeredness and builds a four-element system of harmonious integration of people, information, architecture, and the environment to provide people with safe, comfortable, efficient, energy-saving, convenient, and sustainable development of life and work environment.

Digital Industry
Zhao Bang is committed to providing advanced independent hardware and software products, integrated platforms and solutions for smart ports, smart healthcare, smart communities, smart campus, smart sea, smart grain bank, intelligent park, and smart construction sites. The digital industry is based on sensing, computer, communication, networking, big data, and cloud computing technologies. It integrates with various industry applications, applies information technologies, and shares information resources, so that the potential of human intelligence and the potential of social material resources are fully realized. Play, greatly improve the efficiency of various behaviors and provide great technical support for promoting social progress.

Public Security
ZHAO BANG SMARTECH is committed to building a full range of public security technology prevention systems, including entity public security, network information security and other systems management, project construction, operation and maintenance, providing users with high quality products and project overall planning, design and solutions. The company has successfully developed face recognition + series of public security. Products, video access control system, information collection and intelligent processing system of population flow thermography, network security monitoring system, emergency command system and other hardware and software and integrated platform can not only meet the needs of entity public safety management, network information security, city management, emergency command and so on, but also can be prevented, discovered and controlled. It is of great significance to improve the level of urban safety management and the ability of emergency treatment and to safeguard the public safety of the city.

Defense Equipment
ZHAOBANG actively responds to the military-military integration development strategy and is committed to the research and development of defense equipment technologies. The main R&D directions and business areas include military intelligence and information construction, military products, smart military camps, military equipment health management, aviation training support and Management, etc., currently have obtained the National Defense Weaponry Scientific Research Confidentiality Qualification Certificate, Military Standards Quality Management System Certification, and Weaponry Equipment Qualification Certificate. The development of S&P's intelligent defense equipment aims at the development of military-civilian integration technology and actively promotes the transfer of military and civilian personnel. Civil and military integration of military and civilian integration technology applications.